Mi Vacuum Cleaner Mini

Max 13KPa suction power

• 30AW

• Brushless DC electric motor

• Rotates at up to 8,800 revolutions

per minutes

Lightweight & Portable

• Only 500g

• Easy to store, carry, just clean

anytime and anywhere

Up to 30mins lasting time

• 2 suction power level: Standard, Max

Washable HEPA filter

• Clear 99.97% fine dust(<0.3μm)

One-button for empty dust bin

• Without dirty hands

2 Nozzles, Versatile for every cleaning


• Crevice nozzle

• Brush nozzle

Mi Vacuum Cleaner Mini


Cordless √

Electric motor BLDC, max 88,000 revolutions/mins

Suction power Max: 30AW, 13KPa

Standard: 8AW, 6Kpa

Duration Max: Up to 9mins

Standard: Up to 30mins

Nozzle 2

Battery 2000mAh

Filter HEPA , Washable

LED indicator √

Dust bag 100ml

One-button empty


Charging port Type-C

Weight 500g

Size 267*55*50mm

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