Mi Body Composition Scale 2

13 Precise Data Points

In addition to body weight, it

also gives you a realistic picture

of your health and fitness with

13 data points, such as body

composition, muscle volume etc

High-Precision Accuracy

With a series of complex algorithms and advanced Bioeletrical

Impedance Analysis (BIA), it produces accurate stats.

Widely Usable

In additon to weigh adults and

children, it’s also widely used for

vegetables, fruits, package, etc.

Body Balance Test

The ability of balance is one of

the basic movement abilities.

One-leg Standing on it and eyes

closing, user can test their

balance easily.

Up to 16 Users

It automatically identifies each

family member and can store up

to 16 user profiles.

Hidden LED Display

Beautifully hidden from view until

you step on it for three seconds,

the elegant display delivers clear

readings using LED lights.


Weight Range: 100g - 150kg

• Reading precision: 50g

• Units: catties, kilograms, pounds


• Weight: 1.7kg

• Compatibility: Bluetooth 5.0

• Battery: 4x AAA batteries

• Battery Life: 8 months

• Dimensions: 300mm x 300mm x 25mm

• Operating ambient temperature: 0-40℃

• Material: tempered glass + ABS

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