Mi 360°Home Security Camera 2K Pro

Key Features

• 3MP Resolution + F1.4 Large Aperture and 6P Lens

• Low Light Full Color

• Dual-Band Wi-Fi for Instant Connection

• Dual Noise-Cancelling Mics for Clearer Two-Way Audio

• Physical Privacy Shutter

• Local AI Human Detection & Tracking

• Free 7-Day Rolling Cloud Storage of Motion-Trigged Video

• H.265 Code

• Smart Home Connection

• Bluetooth Gateway 

Dual Band Wi-Fi Connection

• 2.4GHz band is very crowd with an

increasing number of wireless devices

• 5GHz can avoid crowded band, and

supports instant and smooth video

Local AI Human

Detection & Tracking

• Fast

Camera can detect human shape within 1s

through the local algorithm, without uploading

an image to the Cloud

• Accurate

Camera only alarms when human face or

shape is detected and avoids false trigger

• Private

No need to process the image info on Cloud,

more secure way to protect user’s privacy

High Efficiency Video Coding


• This all-new video encoding technology allows

smoother streaming and reduces bandwidth

without compromising on detail.

• Encoding is able to keep the same pixel count

and bit rate while using half the storage of H.264





• Embedded Bluetooth

gateway works as a hub

linking to Xiaomi Bluetooth

sensors and other devices*;

• Users can check devices’

information remotely and

set up automation control

between devices.

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